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  1. Quick Orientation … Where is everything located?
  2. Transportation … How do I get there and get around?
  3. What is at the Manele Small Boat harbor?
  4. What about Hulopo‘e Beach?
  5. Where is Lāna‘i City and what is there to do?
  6. What about the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary?

Part 6 – What about the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary?

The Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary, rated by Trip Advisor as the #1 thing to do on Lāna‘i, is a 501-(c)(3) non-profit community service organization dedicated to managing feral cats on the island. Lanai Cat Sanctuary welcomes visitors and volunteers alike to its cage free outdoor cat enclosure or “Cat Sanctuary”.  A safe haven and adoption center for more than 600 happy cats.

The Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary is the most unique animal rescue sanctuary of its kind and a haven that serves as a model for cats and conservation interests.  They do a wonderful job balancing those interests that sometimes seem to be in conflict. Read more about the benefit to the local bird population.

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Want to learn more about the Cat Sanctuary and see what a Visit is like?

Then please check out the CBS Morning Show news story below.

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Here are many of the FAQ’s that we have received.  Have a Question? Please ask us!

Q. How are transfers to the Cat Sanctuary done? Car or Van?

A. Transfers for the cat Sanctuary are done via a Shuttle Van.

Q. Does a 9:15am departure from Lahaina with 4:30pm return give us enough time if we are just doing the Cat Sanctuary?

A. Yes & here is that itinerary with options

Just Cat Sanctuary

Depart Lahaina at 9:15am arrive Lanai approx. 10:00am – Transfer #1by Shuttle Van to Cat Sanctuary

Arrive Cat Sanctuary around 10:45am & Stay until closing at 3:00pm. 5 hours at the Cat Sanctuary

Tip: “super cat visitors” sometimes pack their own “snacks/lunch” and stay until closing time. NOTE: Food & Drinks are not sold at the Cat Sanctuary.

Shuttle Van Pick Up at 3:00pm short stop in Lanai City and then transfer back to Manele Harbor for your 4:30pm departure.



Spend two hours at the Cat Sanctuary(10:45am-12:45pm) and then do an additional Transfer to Lanai City for Lunch and Shopping.

3:30pm Shuttle Van depart Lanai City & transfer back to Manele Harbor for your 4:30pm departure


Spend two hours at the Cat Sanctuary(10:45am-12:45pm) and then catch the 12:45pm Shuttle Van transfer. Make quick stop in Lanai City and then transfer down to Hulopo‘e Beach, arriving between 1:30-1:45pm.

Enjoy the beach until 4:00pm then walk back to the Harbor for your 4:30pm ferry departure. (Note: the beach is only 4/10ths of a mile and a short ten-minute walk from the harbor.)

Q. How can I Book a visit to the Cat Sanctuary?

A. Go to our Booking link at:

Q.Can Lost on Lāna‘i help arrange a visit to the  Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary?

A.Yes! Be sure to check out the FAQ page.

Lost on Lāna‘i offers the following:

  1. Ferry Ticket Only – This is a completely self guided option and you would need to make your own transfer arrangements. Cost is $60.00/Adult or $40.00/Child.
  2. Ferry Ticket & Transfer –  This option includes your ferry ticket and roundtrip transfer between the Harbor and Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary. The package also offers an optional additional transfer to Lāna‘i City. Cost is $85.00/Adult or $65.00/Child 2-11 yrs with additional optional transfers available for $12.00 per leg.
  3. Visit to Lanai Cat Sanctuary & Island Tour Combination – This activity includes either a 1/2 Day or Full Day option and includes a tour of Lāna‘i combined with a visit to Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary. Prices range from $185.00/pp to $245/pp.

Q.What are transportation options on Lāna‘i for a ferry ticket only self-guided visit to Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary?

A.There are is one Shuttle Van Service, Rabaca’s Limousine Service.  Pick up and departures are timed to coincide with the ferry arrival/departure times.  Rabaca’s Limousine Service operates a van pick up service from the Harbor to town and will also perform pick ups on an on call basis.

The one way per person a la carte cost of a transfer on Rabaca is $10 (cash only) per person paid to driver.

  1. Does Lost on Lāna‘i Support local entities like Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary?
  2. Yes, the support of our guests has allowed us to donate more than $3,000 to local charities and we offer our customers the option to help us decide how allocate our donations. Read more HERE.

Q. Can I add a visit to the Four Seasons Resort to a Cats & Tour itinerary?

A: Yes!

Itinerary – Visit  the Cat Sanctuary, half-day tour and add Four Seasons Resort

·       Depart on the 9:15am Ferry from Lahaina

·       Arrive Manele Small Boat Harbor at approx. 10:00am

·       Meet & Greet and Transfer #1 to the Cat Sanctuary arriving

approx. 10:30am

·       Visit the Cat Sanctuary for one hour departing by 11:30am

·       Commence Guided Tour & Visit Shipwreck Beach and

Garden of the Gods.

·       Short stop in Lana‘i City on return before drop at Four

Seasons Resort by 2:30pm.

·       Visit Resort from 2:30pm-4:00pm

·       Lunch is ala-carte at either Malibu Farms or the Sports Bar.

·       Transfer #2 4:00pm PU from Four Seasons to Manele Small Boat

·       Return on the 4:30pm Ferry to Lahaina

Q: What if I fly in from ‘Oahu for the day?

A: Itinerary – Start from the Lāna‘i Airport

  1. Met and Greeted by Driver at Arrivals LNY airport – arriving HA #612 9:33am
  2. Introductions & Commence 1/2 day (approx 3 hour) tour of island in a 4wd Suburban.
  • 1/2 day tours visit shipwreck beach, garden of the gods and town (weather permitting).
  • end the tour in Lanai City at approximately 12:45. 45 min for lunch.
  1. 1:30pm – Transfer to Lanai Cat Sanctuary.
  • Visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary between 1:45-3:00pm before transferring back to the airport.
  1. Arrive back at the LNY Airport at approximately 3:15pm for your 3:59pm departure on HA 617. LNY airport is very small so plenty of time to go through security.

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