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  1. Quick Orientation … Where is everything located?
  2. Transportation … How do I get there and get around?
  3. What is at the Manele Small Boat harbor?
  4. What about Hulopo‘e Beach?
  5. Where is Lāna‘i City and what is there to do?
  6. What about the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary?

Part – 3. What is at the Manele Small Boat Harbor?

The area around the Manele Small Boat Harbor is very different from the area around the Lahaina Harbor.  Some visitors step off of the ferry expecting a “Front Street” experience not realizing that Lāna‘i City is 7+ miles away.

The Manele Small Boat Harbor features a general store, public restrooms and several out door seating and  picnic areas.  The pavilion above the general store is used by Trilogy guests.

TIP: Shuttle vans depart promptly. If you need to use the restrooms or purchase items from the general store please check in with the shuttle drivers first and let them know.  That way they will not leave with out you.


Manele General Store

Video credit to the Manele General Store.  Store Hours 7:00am-7:00pm.  For more information check out their Facebook Page.

Hulopo‘e Beach

It is a short walk to the beach and the Resort is accessible via a path from the end of the beach area.

Walking route between Manele Small Boat harbor and Hulopo‘e Beach

Walking route between Manele Small Boat harbor and Hulopo‘e Beach

LOL Archive – 360′ Harbor Video

This Video is a 360′ view from the boat boat ramp and piers across from the main ferry pier. The DLNR has more information on the Harbor and Marine Sanctuary.

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