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A big Mahalo to the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary for all of their Good Work and Many Thanks to our customers for their support of Lost on Lāna‘i which allows us to give back to our community and support the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary with donations!

Question: What does an itinerary look like with a depart at 6:30am and return at 5:30pm? (Updated 10/16/23)

Just Cats or time in Town or the Beach or all Three?

Answer & More Info

Updated 10/16/23
Q.What does the 6:30am departure from Lahaina with 5:30pm return give us time to do?

A. Here are some itineraries with options.

Just the Cat Sanctuary

Arrive Lāna‘i 7:45+

Transfer to Cat Sanctuary arriving around 8:30-8:45am. Wait until outer gate opens around 9:00am then wait at gazebo until they open the door into the enclosure. Note – #1 The scheduled opening time is 10:00am but the staff is opening earlier if the enclosure area is ready for visitors and guests are waiting, #2 The Cat Sanctuary is in a very “rural/isolated” spot so there is nothing close to walk to.

Visit Cat Sanctuary 10:00AM-3:00PM Closing Time

Tip: “super cat visitors” usually pack their own “snacks/lunch” when they stay until closing time. NOTE: Food & Drinks are not sold at the Cat Sanctuary.
Shuttle Van Pick Up at 3:00pm transfer back to Manele Harbor for your 5:30pm departure.  Optional drop at the Beach then walk back to Harbor for your 5:30pm departure.

Arrive Maalaea 6:15PM+

Visit Beach/Harbor First then the Cat Sanctuary Stay till Close

Arrive Lāna‘i 7:45+

Check in with the Shuttle Van Drivers to confirm your pick up location either the Harbor or Beach.  Visit Harbor or Beach until 9:45am pick up.

Transfer to Cat Sanctuary arriving around 10:00am. Visit Cat Sanctuary 10:00AM-3:00PM Closing Time

Transfer to Harbor for Return 5:30PM Ferry

Arrive Maalaea 6:15PM+

Town for Breakfast then Cat Sanctuary – Option to Stay till Close or Choose to Transfer to Beach/Harbor at 1:00pm

Arrive Lāna‘i 7:45AM+.

Transfer to Town for Breakfast.  Arrive Town 8:15AM+.

Transfer to Cat Sanctuary 10:00AM-10:15AM (Check with driver if you want earlier pick-up.)

Visit Cat Sanctuary 3:00PM Closing Time. Transfer to Harbor for Return 5:30PM Ferry.

Or alternate Itinerary take 1:00pm Transfer to Beach then walk back to Harbor for 5:30pm departure.Arrive Maalaea 6:15PM+

Beach/Harbor, Cat Sanctuary and Town

Arrive Lāna‘i 7:45+

Check in with the Shuttle Van Drivers to confirm your pick up location either the Harbor or Beach. Visit Harbor or Beach until 9:45am pick up.

Transfer to Cat Sanctuary arriving around 10:00am+. Visit Cat Sanctuary 10:00AM-1:00PM or 3:00PM Closing Time.

Usual Schedule is 1:00PM Pick Up Transfer to Town. Arrive Town 1:15pm/Note: Many Restaurants close at 2:00PM.

4:15PM Transfer to Harbor for Return 5:30PM Ferry

Arrive Maalaea 6:15PM+

Q. How can I Book a visit to the Cat Sanctuary?

A. Go to our Booking link at: https://lostonlanai.com/product-category/lanai-cat-sanctuary/

Question: Can I return earlier than 5:30pm? (Updated 10/16/23)

Just the Cats!

Answer & More Info

A. No – Expeditions Ferry Schedule currently only offers one return time – 5:30pm. (10/16/23)

6:30am-5:30pm is a full day. However, we have been receiving positive feedback on the new itineraries:

“Aloha, Brad! We had an amazing day. Your arrangements and communication were excellent. Clive and Fernando were very helpful. 5 stars for all!! Mahalo!!!” (10/22/23)

“Brad – Please tell your shuttle company that our driver Cory was the best ever. He was very accommodating and the nicest man ever. Very professional and very knowledgeable. We had the most amazing time today and my grandsons loved the cats and the beach afterwards. Sent from my iPhone” (10/12/23)


Question: What about adding a tour to a Cat Sanctuary Visit? (Updated 10/16/23)

See the Cat’s and parts of the island.

Answer & More Info


Unfortunately we are not to accepting Bookings for Guided Tours at this time  due to lack of Guides.  12/16/21

Alternatives: (10/16/23)

On Road Tour/Transfers
Alberta’s Taxi service does do a paved road type drive around – reserved in advance. Call 808-649-0808
Jeep Rentals
Bart Baldwin – ABB Rental.   (808) 649-0644[email protected] 
Lāna‘i Cheap Jeeps – lanaicheapjeeps.com 
Lanai Car Rental – lanaicarrental.com  

Paved Roads Only – 808 Day Trip/Judi Riley – Call/text (808) 649-0664, email [email protected]http://808daytrip.com/Rental_Cars.html 

We can assist with your arranging your ferry tickets:


FAQ Ferry Tickets 

I surprised my husband on our honeymoon by taking a ferry to Lanai and visiting the cat sanctuary! We both really wanted to visit the sanctuary, but since we were staying on Maui, we weren’t aware it was a possibility. After some research, I found out that it was just a 45 minute Ferry ride away. I worked with Brad through Lost on Lanai, and for a very reasonable price I bought round trip ferry tickets and was met at the harbor by the Lanai City shuttle that took us to and from the sanctuary. I told my husband we were just taking a ferry ride for the day and when we were met on 7/21/17 by Isaac at the shuttle, my new husband was ecstatic to hear we were on THE island of the cats! I chose to pack a lunch for us and we stayed at the sanctuary open to close. Through lost on Lanai you can choose whether to stay all day, or combine it with a tour around Lanai. I called and left Brad a message a week prior to us taking the trip to confirm as I have little travel experience and he returned my call right away. I even received a text the day of our excursion with his personal cell phone and all the instructions for the day. Super easy to book, even for someone like myself with very little travel experience. Absolutely loved it!


Randi Heitman Cage

Guest, FaceBook Review

A while in advance I organised a trip from Oahu to Lanai with Lost on Lanai, who guided me with itinerary suggestions, helpful hints and a finalised schedule that meant we had enough time to do what we wanted to the most, visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary (like so many before us) and plenty of time to drive around the island to check out some of the beautiful places Lanai has to offer. Ours was a half day tour, which started with a pick up at the airport, a drive to Lanai City and a tour around, a trip to the Garden of the Gods and Shipwreck Beach, then lunch in Lanai City followed by the most fantastic visit to the kitties. Our driver was a fountain of knowledge about the past and present of the island and we were made very comfortable throughout our stay.
If you fancy a visit, do it with Lost on Lanai, you can’t go wrong.


Claudia F Bexleyheath

Guest, Trip Advisor Review

Question: Could I add a visit to the Four Seasons Resort when I visit the Beach? (Updated 10/16/23)

I want to see it all!

Answer & More Info

A. Unfortunately, the Resorts have remained unavailable to non-hotel guests.  Views Restaurant at the Golf Clubhouse is available for lunch reservations.

Updated 10/16/23

Question: What if I fly in from ‘Oahu for the day? (Updated 10/16/23)

See the Cats and island.

Answer & More Info

We are no longer offering this Itinerary as a Package due to Ohana ceasing air service.  Mokulele currently services LNY with smaller aircraft. Their schedule does allow for a day trip, HOWEVER, they have not been operating reliably to schedule.

Independent Travelers – You can arrange an airport pickup for the Cat Sanctuary directly from Rabaca’s in advance. Cost will be $10 per person cash only each Transfer. Their direct number is: 808-559-0230. If they do not answer, please text them.

There is also one Taxi service that accepts reservations in advance – Alberta’s Taxi Call 808-649-0808

Updated 10/16/23



Question: Can you tell me more about the ferry and transfers on island? (Updated 10/16/23)

How long does it take to get there?

Answer & More Info

Q. How long is the ferry ride?
A: The ferry ride between Maalaea and Lāna‘i typically takes an 1 hour & 15-20 minutes.

Q: How are transfers to the Cat Sanctuary done? Car or Van?
A: Transfers for the cat Sanctuary are done via a Shuttle Van.

Q: How long is the ride between the Harbor and the Cat Sanctuary?
A: About 20 minutes. 30-40 minutes if the shuttle first has to make a stop in town.

Q: What time are typical pickups from the Cat Sanctuary?
A: 1:00 pm for the for transfer to Town or Beach.  Last pick up is at 3:00pm when the Cat Sanctuary closes and for the 5:30pm ferry.

Q: What do I do when I get off of the ferry on Lāna‘i?
A: When you disembark on Lāna‘i please head up the gangway. Your transfer driver will be waiting for you with a sign that has “Lanai City Shuttle Service” on it. Just let them know that you are Lost on Lāna’i  Guests Order #### going to the Cat Sanctuary Town and they will direct you to the correct shuttle van.

Updated 10/16/23

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