CBS Sunday Morning Visits the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary!

CBS Sunday Morning aired their visit to the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary this morning.  CBS reporter Conor Knighton Island Hopped over to Lāna‘i to visit the Cat Sanctuary.  The story opens with “Welcome to “Purr-adise.” These cats on the small Hawaiian island of Lanai have got it made. Amazing weather, meals served in their own “catfurteria,” occasional massages, and a steady influx of adoring fans ready to give them all the love and attention they could ever want.”

Executive Director, Keoni Vaughn and Founder Kathy Carroll are both interviewed in the CBS article.   Keoni shared that “In the last 12 months we’ve had over 10,000 visitors,” said Vaughn. “People from all over the world, of all ages come here. And it’s really, really nice to see their smiles on their face. And it’s really great that all these cats are getting the attention.”

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Founder Kathy Carroll explained in the CBS article that “Those birds are protected by state law and federal law,” Carroll said. “And we wanted to find a way to love and protect the cats, love and protect the birds, and help the community.”

The Cat Sanctuary depends on support from its visitors and individuals and business members of the local community.  Individuals wanting to help should check out the Cat Sanctuary’s wish list.

“Lost on Lāna‘i supports the Cat Sanctuary with donations when guests Book their Lāna‘i visit and they thank all of their customers for the support which allows them to give back to the community with donations.”

The full CBS article may be found on their website.