NEWS – Lanai Cat Sanctuary Announces Exchange Partnership to Save 200 Cats from Lahaina Fires 11/16/23.

The Maui Humane Society (MHS) and Lanai Cat Sanctuary (LCS) have formed a partnership to address the challenge of finding homes for cats that survived the Lahaina wildfires in Maui. The collaboration involves transferring 200 unsocialized cats from the burn zone in Lahaina to Lanai Cat Sanctuary, where they can be housed. In return, 200 socialized cats from Lanai Cat Sanctuary will be transferred to Maui Humane Society for adoption.

This exchange program aims to provide a solution for cats that cannot be returned to their original outdoor living conditions due to the wildfires. The collaboration is viewed as a life-saving initiative, offering an innovative and humane alternative to euthanizing these cats. The partnership reflects a shared commitment to the well-being of the most vulnerable survivors of the August wildfires, providing a systematic approach to animal welfare with each organization playing to its strengths.

Would you like to visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary? Check out the available itineraries HERE.  To learn more about the Lanai Cat Sanctuary (LCS) and to Donate go HERE.

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