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Charles Lindbergh’s Gravesite at Palapala Ho’omau Church, Kipahulu, Maui

Charles Lindbergh’s gravesite is nestled just past Hana on the picturesque slopes of Kipahulu, Maui where the Palapala Ho’omau Church stands. The site marks the final chapter of a pioneering aviator’s life.

The Church

This Congregational church, established in 1864 and restored in 1964 by Samuel F. Pryor Jr., became a place of reverence for Lindbergh. The aviator actively participated in the church’s restoration alongside Pryor, and together, they designated the small cemetery they cleared as their chosen burial site.

Lindbergh, Hana – Kipahulu, Maui

Charles Lindbergh, found solace and peace in his last years on Maui, residing in a small, rustic seaside home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, in 1972, Lindbergh’s life took a somber turn when he was diagnosed with cancer.

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Lindbergh Public Domain

Enduring a series of radiation treatments, Lindbergh spent months in Maui, attempting to regain his strength. However, his health continued to decline, leading to a 26-day stay at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York with little improvement. Realizing that the treatments could not save him, Lindbergh, accompanied by his wife Anne, made a poignant return to Kipahulu.

Death & Burial

They flew to Honolulu on August 17, 1974, and then traveled to Maui by a small plane. Lindbergh passed away a week later on August 26, 1974, at the age of 72.

Lindbergh had faced his mortality by taking a hands-on approach to his final resting place. He had sketched a simple design for the grave and his coffin and opted for a burial in the “traditional Hawaiian style.” This choice reflected his deep connection to the island of Maui and its cultural heritage.

The burial was a swift and humble affair, taking place eight hours after his passing. Clad in “simple work clothes,” he was interred in a eucalyptus casket. His funeral service reflected his unique personality by incorporating readings from the Bible and Native American poetry. On the evening of August 26, President Gerald Ford paid tribute to Lindbergh, acknowledging the indelible mark the “Lone Eagle” left on the world.

A simple stone now marks Lindbergh’s resting place, inscribed with the words “Charles A. Lindbergh Born Michigan 1902 Died Maui 1974.” An epitaph, quoting Psalm 139:9, adorns the stone: “If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea… C.A.L.”


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