Why is Whale Watching so Good off Maui?

Why is the whale watching so good off Maui? It is because the area between Maui, Molokai, and Lanai holds significant importance to humpback whales during their annual migration to Hawaii. Known as the Auau Channel, this stretch of water serves as a crucial thoroughfare and breeding ground for these marine mammals. The channel’s relatively shallow depths and calm, protected waters provide an ideal environment for humpback whales to engage in courtship rituals, mate, and give birth to their calves.

Auau Channel

As a result, the Auau Channel becomes a bustling hub of whale activity during the winter months, attracting scores of humpback whales seeking refuge and sustenance in preparation for the journey back to their feeding grounds in the north. For researchers and enthusiasts alike, the Auau Channel offers a prime vantage point for observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and gaining insight into their behaviors and biology.

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