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Wish List for the Lānai Cat Sanctuary

Wish List for the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary Several times a week we receive email questions asking what treats the cats at the Sanctuary like or if guests can bring food or other supplies with them. The answer is YES because help with supplies provides a great...

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We can help you arrange Your Trip!

Did you know that we can assist with all of your Trip arrangements? Lost on Lāna‘i in concert with its sister travel agency Two Boldly Go Travel can assist clients with their travel plans, tour/activities and arrangements, including helping them find...

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Calling Us?

Calling Us?  Don’t be afraid to leave a message!

We receive many phone calls over the course of a week so we thought we would do a quick Q&A Post about contacting us by phone.

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Some Menus from Lāna‘i Restaurants

Menus from Lāna‘iWondering where to eat in Lāna‘i City? Then check out these lunch & breakfast Menus from a few of Lāna‘i Restaurants around Dole Park & Food Trucks. (Accurate as of Mar 2018)Get the Latest reviews on TripAdvisorBlue Ginger...

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A few Tips on Lāna‘i City and Planning Resources

Here are a few quick tips & info resources to help plan your visit to Lāna‘i City. Lāna‘i City is very compact and walkable. Some people have "seen it all" in an hour while others can "spend the day" ..... depends on each individuals' taste & preferences....

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FAQ’s A Visit to the Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary

Article Updated 9/4/18 Q. Can Lost on Lāna‘i help arrange a visit to the  Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary? A.Yes! Be sure to check out the FAQ page. Lost on Lāna‘i offers the following: Ferry Ticket Only - This is a completely self guided option and you would need to make your...

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