Q. Tickets & Vouchers – Where do I get them?

A. You will receive a packet with your tickets, vouchers and additional information upon check in at the Expeditions Lahaina Ticket Booth. Please check in at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time. You will also be receiving additional e mails and text reminders prior to May 29.


Q. Where is the Expeditions Lahaina Ticket Booth Located?

A. Depart from the main loading pier at Lahaina Harbor on the island of Maui, across from the Pioneer Inn Hotel. (Lahaina Harbor is located off Front Street, behind the Banyan tree). Pick up your tickets at the Expeditions booth at Lahaina harbor main loading dock.


Q. What time do I need to check in at the Expeditions Ferry Booth?

A. Passengers must check in at least 30 minutes prior to departure time. Please either print, show electronically (smart phone, tablet, etc.) your booking info from Lost on Lanai or present I.D. in exchange for tickets and your Fifth Friday Lanai Packet. Ferry departs on schedule and does not wait for late passengers.


Q. Why is there a deadline for reserving and booking – 48hrs prior to the Event?

A. Expeditions Ferry requires that reservations be made at least 24hrs in advance. Since bookings may be received at different times during the day or outside of normal business hours a 48hr advance booking requirement is required for us to process your reservation and still have time to notify expeditions at least 24 hrs prior to your departure.


Q. I have a question and need to talk with someone – how do I get in contact with Lost on Lanai?

A. Phone – 888-716-6366 or E Mail us at [email protected]

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