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Calling Us?  Don’t be afraid to leave a message!

We receive many phone calls over the course of a week so we thought we would do a quick Q&A Post about contacting us by phone.

Q. So who answers the phone when you call us at 808-215-0201 or 888-716-6366?
A. A Phone Menu message with the following options …. Don’t worry we do return our Voice Messages!

Thank you for your call. Please listen to the following menu options. Press 0 to leave a voice message, press 1 for more information on activities, press 2 for Kara Bunn or press 3 for Brad Bunn. Please know that your call is important to us and we do return voice messages.  You may also email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Q. What happens when I make a selection?
A. Pressing 0 will take you to our voice mail system and let you leave us a message. Pressing 1 forwards the call to all of Brad & Kara’s numbers including their cellphones.  If they are unable to answer you will be given the opportunity to leave a message. Pressing either 2 or 3 will forward your call to either Kara or Brad’s contact numbers.

Q. I left a voice message what happens?
A. The Phone.com system notifies us via an email copy of your message.  We try to follow up on Messages received during normal business hours within an hour or less, via text or phone.  NOTE: Your caller ID will show 432 area code.  Messages received after business hours will be returned the next day.



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